Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This blog will have to go

after many ponderings... yes, it has to go!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

new found hobby, apart from facebooking

It started somewhere last week, baby just told me that during his growing years he had always thought that Lego was the coolest toy anyone could have. Looking at his pup dog eyes, I suddenly said it "hey, it's never too late for a birthday present!". And so, that was what I got him. But the ones I got him was a not-so-cool basic lego set. After awhile of building (and yes, that's what we do for kicks), we got tired of it, and it was left to collect dust in the corner.

Then, last weekend, in Penang we got ourselves a absolutely, totally cool set each. I got him the Tow Trasher Racer model he wanted, and he got me a wicked Hydraxon by the Bionacles. And so we build. Took us slightly more than 2 hours to complete the models. It's like an awesome 3D puzzle i've always wanted.

tow trasher
The Tow Trasher


After that day, we vowed to only allow ourselves a model each every month. But yesterday I thought real hard. I suggested that if we got ourselves that (see below) model for almost 400 bucks and share it, as in build it together, because it is not only HUGE (half a metre in length) but HARD to build as well, it will take us weeks before we are done. That's not too bad huh?

tow truck
Tow Truck by Technic

It's so cool, I'm afraid I am willing to throw cash for it. At least at this stage.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

most things come in pairs, good things

Semalam selepas kami berbuka puasa, pres dan aku ke rumah fahmi. khabarnya anak-anak fahmi selamat dilahirkan.

"b, anak fahmi laki, pompuan?"
"ntahlah, tak sempat nak tanya"
"khairil pun on the way pegi ni"
"b, cepat ek nuha balik umah?"

Well, fahmi had a pair of boys, of which their names, he hasnt figured. Currently identified as Twin1 and Twin2. Both were born 30 minutes apart. Nuha was there, talking to the other guest arrived before us. I was amazed how strong and fit Nuha was, considering the fact that it's not even 24 hours since she had her labour.

Fahmi looked the happiest today. He was joking like never before, they already have Ammar, who's 3 now.

Three boys.. must be a handful of fun there.

I have always wanted boys, Mike and Miles. On the way back I looked at pres, "so lepas ni bolehlar curik senduk dari umah Fahmi?" Pres just laughed agree-ing.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

rnz and space

Today I picked up the phone, and called one of my old collegues (zilla). Many things changed whilst I was busy working here doing transient shet.

I found out two of my closest buddies there are not in chumy-chumy mood lagi (it's because one sudah jadik berpunya) Boys, the things they make us do! Sometimes, it's just so stupid. But the thing is, it's us who made that choice kan?

And I found out this year rnz had their Buka Puasa party like a stone away from my crib. It made me jealous, that all my friends are getting on well, planning what to wear and stuf, and I am excluded. I have to admit it, I was usually the one making the boys do these things. "weih, korang pakailar kain plekat, mesti gempak siut.. ko pakai baju melayu warna aper nanti?" "eh, bawak tak awek ko? baju matching tak? mesti dapat amik gambar sesama kan?" that was last year though.

This year, I am stucked, Stupid transient analysis shet. Hand in the fucking report. yadayada.

Ah, who cares?

There's one thing that is on my mind though...

How does it feel to pee with no position at all, no container at all, nothing, in outta space?

Today Malaysia makes history as our Muszaphar will be travelling a journey non of our men have been. Sometimes I wonder, what his parents must feel, huh? Or how does it feel to be the one in a million? Like some of our great men, say Tunku. What does it feel to be him? Or P. Ramlee? How can one contain such glamour and glory?

Last year, he was just some random dude. This year he is THE astronaut. Saw the documetary last nite, there was this lady who is part of the team. I wonder, when she's in a pub or a bar, then someone ask that question (they always do): "So, what do you do, (say..) Jane?"

"Oh, I'm an astronaut..."

Friday, October 05, 2007

My mistake is my pain

The time has come for me to runaway again.

I need a break out. I need to find a loophole. I need to just get myself outta here. Fucking politicians. That is what they all are. I'm doing things I hate. The person once I thought was my friend turned out to be the biggest asshole.

Should have listen to En. Zam. All he said was that it was too early to leave.

But it's too late now, to pick up that phone and give him a ring. It's just too late now.

The damage has been done.

I have to admit, I miss that old guy. Eventhough we always argued but he made me feel like I mattered, that my opinions were brilliant. Maybe being a cause is what I crave now.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Discover me discover you

Our dreams are coming tru. No one to say no. We have always wanted to travel the world together, take the weekend off. But before, I had my mom on my back, she'd just go "ni belum nikah lagi, nak travel sama -sama... mummy tak sukalar. no need to go!" That was what happened when we went to Phuket 3 months before the tsunami. Then there was our UK trip a year after that, the alibi was we went to Birmingham to spend raya with my sister. Truth is, we are just crazy about discovering new places together. Wanna back-pack. Relax. Enjoy the view.

Suddenly with this wedding, everything just seem right. Everything is falling into place for us, AirAsia X recently, meaning like last week had a promotion on a 5 days 3 nights package to the Gold Coast with air tix and lodging, inclusive of tax. Price was at RM 2000 per person. Pres manage to get them. He was over the top and I remembered him waking me up with a gallop, I almost died of a heart attack in my sleep. But all was good.

We checked yesterday and discovered that the promotion's all sold out. And just ticket alone to Gold Coast costs RM 2960 or something, excluding tax. Goodness me!

Hope the country down unda will bring us a pleasent suprise.

Sun.. sea.. and surf boys boards.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I've always wanted to visit Australia. When I had a friend study there, during my single days, I've always wanted to crash by, but I had monetary issues.